Board of Directors

Brettel Dawson

Brettel Dawson, Professor, LL.B.(Hons), LL.M., has been a faculty member in the Department of Law at Carleton University since 1986. Between 1994 and 1999 she held the position of Chair of the Department of Law at Carleton University, during which time she was extensively involved with program and curriculum development and implementation relating to human rights, criminal justice, and conflict resolution. Much of her research has focused on the area of equality law. Since 1999, she has devoted a portion of her time to the National Judicial Institute in Ottawa. Initially she was the Coordinator (then Senior Advisor) of Social Context Education, and is currently the Academic Director at the Institute. She works with both the domestic and international programs of judicial education. She is currently involved with projects in the Philippines and Ghana. Her other professional activities in conjunction with her academic position have focused on issues of equality. Between 1997-99, she was a member of the national External Committee of the Independent Policy Research Fund of Status of Women Canada (a $1.25 million fund for policy research of national relevance promoting gender equality).

Claude Rochon

Claude Rochon MAP, started with the Montreal Police in 1966 and had a sterling career in police operations as well as in management of personnel and budgets. Over his 33-years with the police, Claude Rochon worked his way to the top of the MUC Police Department. In 1998 he held the position of Director. At the end of his police career, he started working on the international police scene. He as acted for the United Nations as senior advisor to the General Director of the National Haitian Police with the Mission Internationale Civile d’Appui en Haiti (MICAH) and as head of UNPOL unit for the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) . He acted as senior advisor to the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), with Leaster B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Center and for CANADEM focusing on needs analyses, training, project evaluation monitor and project director for police matters. He has worked in Haiti, East Timor, Kosovo, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin, Afghanistan and Nepal. Mr Rochon received extensive training at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa and at the National Executive Institute (FBI Academy) in the United States. He has also taught Police Management at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, at l’École de criminology de l’Université de Motréal and at le College Ahuntsic in Montreal.

Janet Zukowsky

Janet Zukowsky B.A. is a former senior public servant and diplomat who worked in a number of federal departments including Human Resources, Immigration, Treasury Board, Foreign Affairs, and most recently the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). She has experience in the areas of personnel, industrial relations, immigration, international development and trade. She served as Director of Immigrant Settlement during the Indo-Chinese Refugee movement, as Canadian High Commissioner to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean (1990-1994), and as CIDA Vice President heading Canadian Partnership Branch (1995-2002) with the rank of Assistant Deputy Minister. She has led a number of Canadian delegations to U.N. agency conferences and was Special Envoy to four Caribbean states in 1998 for their support in Canada’s election to the U.N. Security Council. She is currently a member of several NGO boards and committees.

Ron Gould, CM

Ron Gould, B.A., C.M., retired from Elections Canada in 2001 after 20 years as Assistant Chief Electoral Officer. Starting in 1984, when he was a member of the OAS and Canadian monitoring missions in El Salvador, he has participated in over 80 electoral missions in more than 50 countries. Mr. Gould has worked extensively in Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and is considered one of the leading world experts on the organization of elections. Mr. Gould joined the Public Service of Canada in 1955 and worked for a variety of departments and agencies including Northern Affairs, the Public Service Commission, the Department of Transport, the Treasury Board and Secretary of State. where he was the Registrar of Canadian Citizenship. In 1997, he joined the Stockholm based International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) on a half-time basis. Mr. Gould was awarded the Order of Canada in 1997. He was also the recipient of the Outstanding Service Award from the Canadian Council on Governmental Ethics Laws and the Medal of Honour from the United Nations Association of Canada. Mr. Gould has authored a book entitled “A Guide for Election Observers” and was one of three authors of “Strengthening Democracy: A Parliamentary Perspective”, which was published in 1995. He has been President of the Council on Governmental Ethics. A graduate of the University of Toronto, he has followed additional studies at Laval University, Carleton University, McGill University, Queen’s University, and at the Public Service Commission in Canada. He is now carrying on his international electoral work in his private capacity as an independent expert.

Warren Allmand – In Memoriam

Warren Allmand 1932-2016 Died Dec. 7th 2016 at the age of 84 after a lifetime of public service to Canada and the world. His impact on Canada and Canadian values was immense, from his success as Solicitor General in abolishing the death penalty in Canada, to his personification of everything the world thinks of as Canadian – his modesty, thoughtfulness, kindness, hard work, dedication to human rights and social justice, and a true internationalist working for international peace and security. Indefatigable in every way possible, he was still playing team hockey in early 2016 when he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Warren was a founding CANADEM Board Member and served on the Board for 19 years. His personification of how one individual can make a difference helped form the touchstone of CANADEM – a belief in the ability of individuals to make a difference, and thus our role in strengthening the UN and the international community one expert at a time.

P.C., O.C., Q.C., B.C.L., LL.D., a Federal Member of Parliament from Montreal for 33 years, Warren held a number of Cabinet posts including Solicitor General, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, and Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs. Following politics, he became President of Rights & Democracy, defending human rights worldwide. A member of the Bar in Quebec, Ontario, Yukon and N.W.T., Warren held a number of degrees, including a B.C.L. from McGill University and Honorary Doctorates of Laws from both St. Thomas University and St. Francis Xavier University. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1977 and received numerous awards and honours, including appointment as an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2000. Throughout his career he was an ardent supporter of civil society, and after politics became active in a number of NGOs including the World Federalists and CANADEM.

Warren will be sorely missed even though his legacy and his personal aura will live on.

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