Register & Manage Your Profile

Register & Manage Your Profile

 If you have any problems registering or updating your profile on the form please feel free to send us an email to with the subject “Problem registering/updating profile” and we’ll take care of it promptly. We appreciate your interest in CANADEM and would love to have you as a candidate.

All our jobs are posted on our job board at If ad is for a job where CANADEM is recruiting directly, you will find contact info of one of our program officers who is working on it. Otherwise, please contact hiring agency directly through the contact mentioned in the job advertisement.

Resume formatting guidelines, UN P11 forms, basic and advanced security in the field courses and other necessary details you might need to complete your profile can be found here

If you need assistance in writing professional and electoral summary, you can find guidelines here or you can view tutorial videos on the links below.

Guidelines for writing your Professional Summary for CANADEM
Guidelines for writing your Electoral Profile for CANADEM

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