Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation Tools

CANADEM has a proven record of deployments and missions to high risk environments such as Afghanistan, Ebola West Africa, in and all around Syria, and other countries in the midst of civil war/strife like South Sudan, Chad, Yemen, Mali… the list goes on.

Risk Mitigation is pervasive as to how CANADEM plans and operates at HQ and in the field. We frequently are asked how we mitigate risk and how we have successfully operated in high risk environments over the past 15 years.

To give you a sense of how we operate, below are visuals on some of CANADEM’s Risk Mitigation Tools. Please feel free to use any of them, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to contract us to assist in training or deployments.

Risk Management

This set of slides will give you an idea of how CANADEM staff and our missions’ leadership/management identify and prepare for risks.  It starts to demonstrate CANADEM’s culture of integrated risk management.

Operations Gaming

This set of slides demonstrates a sub-component of our risk management above, and our OPP below. This heuristic process is often done quickly, but is hugely important in enhancing our awareness of what could go wrong… because much could go wrong in our high risk deployments!

Operational Planning Process (OPP)

This set of slides sets out how we approach all of our planning.  Our staff are full trained up to operationalize the OPP for big and small tasks.

Mission Management

Showing you how we carry out mission management is far more complicated.  It starts with standing up missions in the right way, including structures, reporting lines, and the right mission leadership and senior management.  Then it is critical to populate the mission with the right personnel, both internationals and any locally engaged.

Click here to see a couple of visuals on mission structure and decisive points for one of our largest missions: CANADEM’s 2012 election observation mission to Ukraine with 422 Canadian observers and 438 local personnel (admin, translators, drivers).

Click the buttons below to download the UN Mission Management Handbook and the one page CANADEM Preamble to that UN handbook.  We give both to all our staff. We don’t reinvent any wheels, and make use of great tools developed by others.

Duty of Care (DoC)

Click here to learn about our duty of care.

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