Operations at CANADEM

CANADEM’s Operations Team is dedicated to advancing international peace and security through the rapid mobilization and mission management of individuals committed to international service. We specialize in surge capacity rapid deployments and offer a full service mechanism for getting Experts where they are needed – FAST!

We work in partnership with the Government of Canada, the Government of the United Kingdom, UN agencies, international organizations and national governments to set up deployment projects designed to quickly inject civilian expertise where it is needed. Our services range from simple deployments to project development and mission-management.

Our Operation Team can recruit and utilize our experts within 48-72 hours. Our experts have proven time and again that they are likewise able to rapidly mobilize and hit the ground running to make that crucial contribution under challenging circumstances.

CANADEM experts specialize in:

  • human rights
  • democratization
  • elections
  • rule of law
  • justice sector reform
  • governance
  • security and policing
  • forensics
  • counter-trafficking
  • correctional systems
  • child protection
  • engineering
  • humanitarian aid
  • water and sanitation
  • admin-logistics

CANADEM World Map of Program Activities

Our Programs

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Humanitarian Response

Since 2007, CANADEM has successfully mobilized 368 Experts with the United Nations to 74 countries worldwide. Under our humanitarian program, CANADEM quickly deploys experts to support UN agencies’ personnel needs during rapid-onset humanitarian emergencies and disasters and for protracted crises.

Electoral Observation and Democracy Promotion

Through its International Election Observation Project, CANADEM deploys Canadian Election Observers to bilateral or multilateral Election Observation Missions (EOM) around the globe. In the past ten years, with Canadian Government funding, CANADEM has deployed over 2,000 election experts across the world, including Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

Governance and Capacity Building

For over a decade, CANADEM assisted the Government of Afghanistan to deliver better services to its citizens.
CANADEM’s Governance Support Office (GSO) brought together highly qualified Canadian and International technical experts to build the capacity of national institutions within the Afghan Government. The GSO provided expert technical support and advice to Afghan Ministries in key areas such as policing services, human rights law, election operations, vocational programming, education, engineering, financial management and administration — as outlined in the Afghanistan National Development Strategy, and which are part of the Government of Canada’s priorities.

From vision to strategy, policy to planning, budgets to implementation, CANADEM ‘s experts sparked real change in governance process and people. Flexibility to circumstance and a real drive to align ourselves with national and local priorities defined our approach.

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Security Sector Reform

CANADEM works with international organizations, including the United Nations, European Union Police Missions (EUPOL), and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), CIVPOL, and the Government of Canada, to strengthen peace, security, and good governance efforts worldwide.

We have deployed over 70 Police Experts to Afghanistan, Haiti, the West Bank, the Caribbean, and Sudan – amongst others – to join international policing missions.

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Deployment Support

CANADEM provides a variety of services to our end users, tailored to each of our partners’ specific requirements:

  • Contracting and financial arrangements
  • Travel arrangements and visas
  • Medical clearances and mission insurance
  • Trainings, briefings and debriefings
  • Duty of Care support
  • Ongoing liaison with deployed Experts and stakeholders both in Canada and overseas
  • Ongoing strategic reports to donors or other relevant end user
  • Pre-deployment and in-mission orientation training
  • Capacity building and subject matter training

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In addition, CANADEM Operations also provides specialized deployment support in the two following areas:

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